Home Office Evaluation – First 1/2 hr. FREE Call today to schedule your no cost evaluation that will allow us to create a detailed plan that will optimize your technology processes.

The NOC-24/7-365 days a year of residential and business computer monitoring –  only $150.00 per year (per machine). What is The NOC?  This is our Network Operation Center, where your PC is monitored for virus/malware/spyware 24-7.   How would you feel knowing that your machine is protected around the clock from virus/malware/spyware? With our new NOC product, you can stop worrying.  This is not to say that you will never get a virus or malware again, but our NOC will detect it, before you.  At the time of detection, a call or email will be sent to make you aware of the issue and what measures need to take place to fix the problem.  With this product, there is also another layer of security – if your computer is ever lost or stolen, we can detect the location of that computer as soon as it is placed back on the internet – this is a great option for the traveling or remote user! Sign up today for this unbeatable deal, and ensure your PC is protected for only .41 per day!


Virus Malware Spyware Removal- $100.00 We will run a series of diagnostics on your machine, scan for viruses, malware/ spyware and remove any threats.  We will install Virus, malware/ spyware application as needed. Prices may vary per application.


Computer Tuneup – $120.00 We will run a series of diagnostics on your machine, Clean each user profile and delete unessary services and startup intries running. We will even delete those hard to find temp files and hidden objects.
Summer Remote Special $70.00 + free virus/ malware removal if found.

Wireless Router Setup – $125.00