Do I really need a backup solution

backup-solutionWhat is Data Backup?

Data backup involves the storing of files from your computer in another location. In this way, if there is ever any loss of data on your primary machine, you still have your data in backup in order to restore those files. In the world of computers loss of data can be devastating, and while there are possibilities for recovery of data after a disaster it is far easier to restore your files from backup than to attempt to find your data on a crashed hard drive.

Why do I Want to Backup My Data?

Data backup is easy to do and can save you great amounts of time as well as ensure that your data is secure in the case of disaster. Data recovery is a very difficult, time consuming and expensive process, and it is not even assured that you will be able to recover your data from a system crash.

Would you pay $100.00 for the comfort of knowing that if a computer crashed happened you would be hours away from regaining full access to your data and not $400- $600 and a few days being down?


At Richmond Techs we will set you up the right way both with local backup and also with a online solution.

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