Iphone 5 Tips and Tricks

Iphone5Apple’s IOS 7

So if you’ve been reading about Apple’s new platform for a while now.  Assuming you’ve already  figured out how to upgrade  to iOS 7 and it’s running on your device right now, you might be interested  in unlocking some of the less obvious features and getting to grips with some  iOS 7 tips. Apple’s good at ensuring most things are intuitive, but there’s no  harm in getting a little help.

Apple added details to  Spotlight Search, and new sections on how to use voicemail, how to make a wish  list, how to use your compass, and how to use home sharing.

How to open Control Center

apple iphone 5c ios 7 control centerIf you want to toggle Airplane Mode or switch off  Wi-Fi, then just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and behold the Control  Center. If you have trouble getting the Control Center to pop up every time,  then start your swipe from off the bottom of the screen. You’ll also find music  controls in there and some utilities, like a flashlight and a calculator. You  can even access this from the lock screen (if you’d prefer not to then head to Settings > Control Center and slide Access on Lock Screen to  off). If you find that you’re accidentally opening the Control Center while  gaming or using an app then go to General > Control Center and turn  off Access Within Apps.

How to use Spotlight Search more effectively

Just swipe down in the middle of any home page and you’ll find Spotlight  Search is ready to go. Use it to find whatever you need on your iPhone. It’s a  good way to quick launch an app, find an email, or a contact. You can swipe up  or tap twice to get rid of the search. Go into Settings > General >  Spotlight Search and select exactly what you’d like to be included in  searches. This will stop your results from getting clogged up with useless info  and it will make the search faster. Apple removed the ability to search the  Web in the first iOS 7 release, but an update brought it back. Scroll to the  bottom of your search results and you’ll find two options to choose from, Search Web and Search Wikipedia.

How to unclutter your notifications

The Notifications Center will get really busy, really quickly, even with the  three tabs for All, Today, and Missed. Go to Settings > Notification  Center. To fix this, you can choose exactly what gets displayed and how it  gets displayed. You can also access the Notification Center from the lock  screen. To go to the relevant app for a notification you swipe to the right, but  you can also hide it by swiping up.

How to swipe to Go back

You can just swipe from the left side of the screen in a supported app to  jump back to what you were doing. No button press required.

Understanding Automatic updates

You no longer have to update apps manually in iOS 7; they’ll update  automatically. If you don’t want them to auto update, go into the App Store and  within Settings you’ll find an option to toggle Updates off. You  can also tell them not to use Cellular Data with the toggle below, so  they’ll only update via Wi-Fi.

When did I send that message?

If you want to know when an iMessage or SMS was sent then just swipe the  specific speech bubble in question to the left and you’ll see the timestamp.

You can have GIANT folders

ios 7 design good folders

There’s no longer a limit on the number of apps you can put into a folder.  You can use them to hide stock apps you don’t use, including the Newsstand.

How to close apps and multitask

Double tap the Home button to get a look at what you have on the go. See an  app you want to close? Just swipe it up and the app will close.

How to save your data

You can go to Settings > Cellular and then scroll down to see which  apps are going to potentially use your data. See something that you want to  restrict to Wi-Fi? Just slide that toggle to the off position.

How to make the most of your battery

With iOS 7, those pesky apps can drink all your juice when you’re not  looking. Head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and  you can stop them. You’ll see a list of apps that might be trying to do things  in the background. Simply toggle off any that you don’t want to use.

How to make the screen background stop moving

Is the new parallax effect making you sick? Some people suffer from motion  sickness and struggle to focus, but you can head into Settings > General > Accessibility and turn Reduce Motion on to ease up on the  animations. You can also bold the text, make it bigger, or invert the colors in  the Accessibility menu.

How to open a level for measuring how “level” surfaces are

Let’s get this straight.. Open the compass app and swipe to the left, and  you’ve got a level that will help you get everything straight.

How to make the most of the new Siri